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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I love looking out the windows on my visits. They have always been friendly and fast, and now I’m always smiling.” — Nathan Boppart, 16, Cleft Palate Surgery (infant), phase-one and -two retainer and braces

“I like how I got to choose the color of my braces and I always got extra reward points for being on time.” — Rhiannon Trerise, 12, phase-two braces

“I loved seeing the plaster cast of my teeth and I tell my friends at ballet that it doesn’t hurt at all!” — Ashley Coupal, 10, phase-one retainer

“I like the prize basket and how I get to see my Grandma every time I come!” — Alexis (Lexy) Vasseur, 8, phase-one retainer

“The video games at the office are fun and one of my friends wants to get braces now too.” — Helena Andres, 7, phase-one retainer

“I like the prize basket and how my retainer doesn’t hurt.” — Olivia (Livi) Andres, 7, phase-one retainer

“The people are really nice; I like the prizes and my mouthguard looks cool!” — Ethan (Big White) Whiting, 14, phase one and two with mouthguard

“They made a nice card for my parents when I got my braces off and now my friends all say I smile way more!” — Julia Sands, 15, phase-one and -two retainer and braces

“The office is really nice for reading books and I like changing the colour of my braces.” — Sarah (Lulu) Collings, 13, phase one and two

“It was funny to learn to hear myself talking at the start, and I like when Dr. Pocock sprays the water gun.” — Emma (Emmi) Cree, 9, phase one

“Dr. Pocock tells funny jokes and the office has cool games while I’m waiting.” — Jack Gerber, 10, phase two with mouthguard

“My friends like the different colours I get and I tell them it’s fun going to the orthodontist.” — Morgan (Morgy) Sands, 11, braces

“It was funny the first time I ate food with my braces, and I love the Smiles Rewards!” — Saara Meghil, 11, braces

“My new teeth have helped give me confidence in starting my career, and I would recommend Dr. Pocock to anybody!” — Alex Nicoll, Invisalign®

“It took some convincing from my family – and now we’re all amazed by how much younger I look!” — Joachim Ruether, Invisalign®

“There were three people in our family all getting treatment, so we really appreciated the financial options they offered us.” — Helga Ruether, braces

“Bookings and Saturday appointments are very convenient; and now I’m getting DAILY ‘smile compliments’ from friends and colleagues!” — Karen Palidwor, Invisalign®

“From my initial jaw surgery through my braces to the bottle of bubbly when the braces came off — the staff have been AMAZING! Old friends tell me I look great and they don’t even realize why.” — Sarah Hodson, jaw surgery, braces

“I had my jaw surgery two weeks before travelling to China and Dr. Pocock alleviated all my fears. I have confidently referred two other families now. Incredible staff and service.” — J. Kim Andres, jaw surgery, braces

“I got the lingual braces so people could only see the amazing results — not the process. I smile more often now, and it feels great.” — Jim Deringer, lingual braces

“I’m truly amazed by all the compliments! My sister and long-time friend are both fixing their teeth now too.” — Charlotte Bhimji, Invisalign®

“I really appreciate the family atmosphere and comfortable waiting area. I’ve referred my friends because of the flexible appointments and instant follow-up with any broken wires or brackets.” — Mary Collings (parent)

“I love the peaceful office with panoramic view; my kids love the video games. My Invisalign® trays actually eliminated the need for my night-time ‘grind guard’ and the whitening was the perfect finish.” — Diana Ljuljovic, Invisalign®

“The people are really nice and it’s cool to see how my teeth have straightened out since the first plaster cast.” — Emma Coupal, phase-two braces with expander

“My teeth were straightened out way faster than expected and my friends started to notice a difference only two months after I started.” — Celine Bonenfant, 18, Teen Invisalign®

“The office is really cool and they get the work done fast! I love watching my teeth get straight.” — Joshua Ruether, 15, phase-one retainer

“Getting different colours for my braces is fun and the surgery part of my treatment didn’t hurt at all!” — Corinna (Nenna) Edwards, 15, frenectomy and braces

“I love the rewards program and games room. It was really cool when I first noticed my jaw moving and getting more comfortable.” — Collin MacKechnie, 15, phase-two braces

“The office is awesome and I still have the white plaster cast of my thumb from when I first started.” — David Collings, 16, phase-one and -two retainer and braces

“The people here are always very nice. I love my smile!” — Ryan Grout, 19, retainer and braces

“Thank you, Paul and Sharon, from our family to yours, you provide exceptional care and have a truly wonderful practice.” — Dr. Bryce Cowan

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