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Mouth Guards

Built to do exactly what sports mouthpieces are meant to, the Under Armour™ Mouthguard shields your teeth and cushions your jaw from shattering G-force impact, as well as reducing the incidence or severity of concussion. It goes even further to deliver anti-microbulent that prevents the growth of germs in between uses. The Under Armour™ Mouthguard’s easily moldable EVA construction even makes sure it forms snugly to your teeth, keeping it in place from the first whistle to the final call.

  • Generally, size MD = Youth (age 8-12) and size LG = Adult (age 13+)
  • Built for full-to-moderate contact sports, such as wrestling, field hockey, basketball, martial arts, and soccer, this advanced mouthguard cushions and protects teeth
  • BiteFlex™ absorbs energy to reduce impact to the jaw
  • Interchangeable ArmourPlate™ insert delivers enhanced protection
  • Contoured EVA ensures optimal fit and comfort when you’re in the thick of it
  • Patented retention polymer shrinks for a secure, locked-in fit
  • Patented anti-microbulent secretes to help prevent the growth of germs, keeping your mouthguard fresher, longer
  • Includes fitting tool and Under Armour™ Mouthguard strap
  • Under Armour™ “Boil and Bite” appliances are perfect for younger patients who are still losing baby teeth or have orthodontic appliances in place.
  • We can even customize the colour and apply names or team numbers to the appliance!