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Invisalign® Teens! A Clear Alternative!

Today, we are seeing more and more teens moving away from traditional metal braces and going with Invisalign®Teen clear aligners. This treatment option has lots of advantages for young people.

First, and foremost it looks like you are not wearing braces at all! Second, as the clear aligners pop in and out of your mouth easily teens do not have to worry about staying away from certain foods like popcorn or anything hard and sticky. They can simply continue to eat all their favourite foods while they brush and floss normally.

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You may have seen a television commercial about people who get clear orthodontic aligners shipped direct to their home for straightening their teeth. This is not fiction. Now there is new technology that can allow people, who are not close to an orthodontist, or who are too busy travelling, to realign their teeth from the comfort of their home or office, while being guided and cared for remotely by an experienced dentist. This new approach to straightening teeth is called: Tele-orthodontics and it is one of the new futures of orthodontic care. Now, Smiles By Pocock, right here on the North Shore is proud to offer this new high-tech orthodontic treatment.

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Dental technology is advancing all the time. For years, if dentists or orthodontists wanted an impression of your teeth in order to make a retainer, you had to bite into a wet sticky molding substance. Then, you had to hold it your mouth until it hardens. Finally, we pulled out the material and presto – we had an impression of your teeth and bite.

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Making Smiles Come True

Early Dentistry Interest

North Shore Orthodontist Dr. Paul Pocock was just 13 and living in Wales when he attended a job fair. One career stood out – Dentistry. “It was hands on and artistic; that intrigued me,” said Paul. As a London-schooled dental graduate, Pocock undertook a residency at the city’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. It was here that he first encountered babies with cleft lip and palate, an affliction requiring complex care from a number of health specialists over decades.

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Mouthguards Protect Your Brain Too!

Wearing a mouthguard is really important if you play contact sports. You’ve all heard about all the stuff going on recently about concussions and especially repeated concussions and the brain disease that can ensue from that.

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Orthodontics just keeps getting better and faster!

Excellerate Your Smile – In Just 5 Minutes a Day

Smiles By Pocock is introducing the latest in our range of devices to help speed up treatment. This one is called Propel’s Excellerator VPro and the good thing about this device is it uses high frequency vibration, which cuts down on the time you have to use it for each day. Propel recommends just five minutes daily!

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Cleft Lip and Palate: Making Babies Smile!

I know many of my patients and their families may have been in Smiles by Pocock’s office when a baby with a cleft palate shows up for an appointment. People often ask me: “What do we do with these babies?”

Smiles by Pocock is one of just a few orthodontists in the province who do this sort of work. Dr. Pocock has taken subspecialty training to do it.

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Invisalign and AcceleDent are two really great technologies that totally compliment one another. Invisalign uses a series of clear teeth aligners and AcceleDent is an appliance that fits into your mouth and vibrates your teeth for a short period of time each day. Put these two technologies together and the orthodontic process can really speed up! Here’s how it works.

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