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Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the best orthodontic treatment that we can at the most appropriate age. Because many orthodontic problems can be detected at an early age, we recommend that the first orthodontic visit occur at age 5 to 7 years. If significant problems are noted at this age then frequently a two phase treatment plan will be recommended. The tissues that house and surround the teeth are very amenable to modification at this age as they grow rapidly. We also find that younger patients are more accepting of treatment and usually we are able to make the process a fun one. Treatment at this age we call Phase 1, and normally takes 12 to 15 months.

Once all the teeth have erupted, we consider proceeding with the final phase of treatment. This is called Phase 2, and usually involves full braces for 12 to 15 months.

If the patient has finished growing or is an adult, treatment will be performed in one longer phase. When there is no growth left, treatment may involve tooth extractions and or surgery to the jaws to provide the best results.

Age is no barrier to orthodontic treatment; providing the teeth and supporting structures are reasonably healthy. The age range of patients we treat spans from babies 7 days old (usually with cleft palate treatment) to men and women in their 6th and 7th decades.

We strive to use the latest proven techniques and appliances while maintaining the highest standards of sterilization.