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Our mission is to provide the very best orthodontic treatment possible, at the most appropriate age. Because many orthodontic problems can be detected at an early age, we recommend that the first orthodontic visit occur at age 5 to 7 years. If significant problems are noted at this age, we recommend a two phase orthodontic treatment plan. However, age is no barrier to orthodontic treatment; providing the teeth and supporting structures are reasonably healthy. The age range of patients we treat spans from babies 7 days old (usually with cleft palate treatment) to teens, to adults in their 70's and 80's.

Our sixth floor office is located in Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver. As well as having some of the best views of the harbour, we are ideally situated to serve residents on the North Shore and beyond. We are easily accessible via major roads and public transportation.

Joachim Ruether

It took some convincing from my family – and now we’re all amazed by how much younger I look!

Joachim Ruether

Our Team

Our Care Commitment is lived by each member of the Smiles by Pocock family. As we will all get to know each other quite well over the coming years, please take a moment to introduce yourself to the people who deliver our great care.

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Our Distinction

Realizing that we are not the only orthodontic practice in town ensures that we remain steadfast in our Care Commitment. This commitment drives us to become the most confident referral our patients can make to their friends, family and colleagues.

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Our Impact

The Smiles by Pocock Care Commitment is rooted in who we are as people outside of our office, in our wonderful communities.

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Smiles Rewards Program

Welcome to Dr. Pocock's Smiles Rewards Program. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and we have created our Smiles Rewards Program for you to earn fantastic rewards along the way!

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Five Star Reviews

Our Care Commitment drives us to deliver the best experience possible for our patients. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read some of the many five star reviews our patients have left us and see for yourself how we turn that commitment into a beautiful, healthy smile!

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